Never Too Cool For Jollibee! #JollibeeXUPeepz

UPeepz and Jolibee

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I bet you’ve never seen nothin’ like this! This actually just made my day.


The #JolliDanceShowdown


Jollibee has just released an amazing campaign – the #JolliDanceShowdown.  This new viral video features the award-winning dance crew, UPeepz, and of course, Jollibee’s very own squad.


The first part of the video features UPeepz’ iconic choreography during 2016 World Hip-Hop Dance Championship where they won the World Championship for MegaCrew Division. Just take a look how awesome they are on the World Stage!



UPeepz have collaborated with various brands such as UNIQLO and. D5 Studio’s Smooth Moves.


Now, they take on #JolliDanceShowdown! Who wins between Upeepz and Jollibee’s Squad? Check out this dope collaboration below!



We featured a former member of UPeepz in one of our U Do U features. READ: JARRETT PINTO – Get in the mind of a music prodigy 


If you want us to feature more artists from the dance community, we’d love for you to reach out! (Twitter/ Instagram: @udoublog)

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