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Jappy Agoncillo UDOU

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Alright! First of all, this won’t be our typical article because why not #WeDoWe. Also, we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from our latest U Do U artist feature on Victor Pring (The Artist Behind The Brand; check it out if you still haven’t) and while I still have your attention, we want to say – Thank you very much!


Now, we’ve had a lot of fun covering events, telling stories of ALL types of artists here in U Do U. I figured, it’s about time I take you behind the SCENE and uncover why we do what we do.


Hopefully, if you’re an artist, or a fan, or just a plain simple Filipino, you’ll be able to get something out of this blog entry and join us in our ride.


You Do You


Like I said, I just thought I would take you guys on a glimpse of what we aim to do through U Do U.


“You Do You” is a phrase that we started using in AfterParty as we grind towards creating original and out-of-the-box ideas and content for the rest of the world to see. We do what we do to change the game in how the Filipino local scene is perceived in both the local and global arena – that we have a vibrant local music scene and, top it all off, we have worldclass artists that are worthy of a global audience.


You’ve probably read that here, here, or here.


For such a young media outlet, we have shared stories from a young street artist, a cellist who believes in the power of music to heal, a DJ who is also a lawyer, event productions who wants to give their audience the time of their lives. There are still so many that we could share and as long as YOU are still willing to listen, artists such as ourselves are fueled up for more.


Sidetrack! It’s a thing now where all types of artists, may it be musicians, or visual artists, or spoken word artists all come together in events such as arts festivals and what-not, and it goes to show how diverse our local arts scene is.


The Bar/ Band/ “Indie” Scene


Not that we want to put clusters into the local music scene, but these are the artists who frequent the circuit of bars and gig venues around the metro for your live music experience. They’re bands and singer-songwriters who are predominantly independent artists who produce and create their own music. Nowadays, there are a lot of them.


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It’s typical for a young aspiring musician to aim for a record label if they want to make it in the music industry. Today is totally different. (READ: Changing the Game of Music)


Let me tell you what you should expect from these artists – sincerity and authenticity. Our friends from Stages Sessions have always been my favorite production to explain these kinds of stuff.


Watch our coverage of Stages Session: The Gig Circuit to find out more about these artists.


(Another sidetrack, Jappy Agoncillo, the young street artist I was talking about earlier actually made the mural in one of the most well-known go-to bar for live music, Route 196. You can spot it on the video above. Also, speaking of live music…)

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It’s always a joy for us to see bands and other artists that start out from small gigs with a small crow crowd and make their way to the line up of bigger music festivals and concerts.

“Creative control is all we have so we have to make the most, and keep our integrity in check”, Curtismith on artistry.

The Club/ DJ Scene

This scene is very new to me; nonetheless, I’ve learned so much about, not only the industry, but also the artists’ sense of community. We’ve actually met some of the most hardworking people from this industry.

“I wouldn’t be doing anything else, this is what I would rather be doing”, says DJ Callum David when we talked to him during Chroma.


Having to feature few of the country’s most sought after DJ’s such as Travis Monsod, DJ Ron Poe, DJ X- Factor, Marc Marasigan and more, we found out how much they are willing to help out the younger hardworking aspiring artists like them because it’s such a small circle that needs each others support.


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Why I’m sharing this is because it has become more apparent to us that artists just wants their stories to be heard. For all of you to listen to them is what’s going to keep this scene alive and going.


No matter how big the artists get, still, we are all part of this community. And we are always willing to help you out and tell your stories.


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So with that,


Calling All Artists!


We’re willing to listen to your music! Submit your music or your events to us and get the chance to get featured on U Do U. All you need to do is reach out.



Don’t be shy, boo!


The Art of Asking


I think that it is no debate that art is universal, but that doesn’t make being an artist any easy. We get that, and we get the struggle. So let me leave you guys with something that you will learn so much from – the art of asking.


There’s a way to make things lighter and it’s just by a the simple task of “asking”. But the thing is, “asking” is actually counter intuitive and what makes it so hard for most of us is because asking makes us vulnerableIt entails making a connection.


What I want you to get out of this is simple –

1.  if you are an artists, do not be afraid to ask because people are always willing to help. Connect with us.

2. If you are a person willing to help artists out, speak up! There are so much people who needs to know they are appreciated.


If you have a little more time, I want you to watch this TED Talk video because it’s going to be worth it.



So there you go!


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