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We followed Stages Sessions throughout their The Gig Circuit tour, dropping location pins on our favorite gig venues where most local independent artists of today began to hone their craft.


It hasn’t been very long since the tour’s finale, but Stages are already cooking up yet another storm of a show with their upcoming production, Independent!






“We don’t stop, we just keep creating.”


On June 11, Keiko Necesario, Curtismith, Coeli, Bullet Dumas, Gio Levy, and adjoined by Tom’s Story, will be taking the Maybank Performing Arts Theater stage to put on “a one-time-only and one-of-a-kind elevated musical experience”.


Stages Sessions is known for their artist-centered ethos, placing creative control upon the artist to allow them to create the show they’ve always envisioned and dreamed of. While Stages have stuck to their word since they formed in 2015, they are pushing the creativity even further with Independent, as each performing act will be accompanied by a mini-orchestra!



“In addition to their usual band set-up, each act featured in the show will be playing with a string section and a horn section… An example of our vision of heightening musical norms is Tom’s Story‘s Live version of “Light” performed last year in Stages Sessions

So, if you’re like us who are suckers for artist collaborations — and even better, live artist collaborations — make sure to save your seat at TicketWorld Manila for this one-of-a-kind show and invite your friends! For ticket prices, please see below.

  • Orchestra – Php 750.00
  • Level 1 – Php 500.00
  • Level 2 – Php 300.00


We’re already excited and on the edge of our seats imagining what kind of surprises Independent has in store for us, so we hope to see you all there!

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