AfterParty App Launch x Hydro Laboracay 2017!

Hydro Laboracay crowd 2017

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After several months of preparation, U Do U finally took the floor and reintroduced the new and improved Afterparty app at none other than #HydroLaboracay2017!

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With the help of Hydro Manila, our team set sail to Boracay via Oh Ship, where we got a taste of what was to come in the following days.


Oh Ship-5


Click here for more exclusive Afterparty photos at Oh Ship!

Hydro Laboracay 2017 Day 1


April 29 came sooner than we anticipated, and Day 1 of #HydroLaboracay2017 commenced



On this day, we got the chance to catch up with 2 of Manila EDM’s prime talents, DJ Marc Marasigan and DJ Travis Monsod, who both talked to us about what it’s like to be the OG’s in the local rave scene that we have today.


Watch the video below for our official #HydroLaboracay2017 Afterparty Movie!


Hydro Laboracay 2017 AfterParty Hour Was Lit!


The first day was also special for Afterparty, as brand ambassador, Victor Pring, along with his sister Joyce Pring, partner DJ X Factor Remix, and brothers MVRXX and Alwyn Cruz, served up an epic performance during the Afterparty Hour!


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The Afterparty Hour on the last day of the 2-day event brought back onstage our favorite duo, Victor and DJ X, only this time, they were adjoined by the trap king himself, Supmerman, and with their searing hot act intro’d by yours truly!




Thank You Hydro Manila for Laboracay 2017!


On behalf of us at U Do U, I would like to thank the incredible Hydro crowd for the warm welcome for the app. Mark our word when we say this is only the beginning of the lit-est nights we’re going to be sharing with Afterparty.


And, of course, our deepest, deepest thanks to Hydro Manila for being so accommodating, and, now a solid part of our Afterparty fam!


We look forward to partying and getting wet with you guys again soon. Congratulations for the super fun and successful HydroLaboracay2017!





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