10 Reasons Why You Should Download The AfterParty App!

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U Do U is proud to finally present the AfterParty app!


AfterParty is your one-stop app for the latest and hottest events around the Metro! Get the chance to meet and connect with your fellow event goers and mingle with your favorite local artists.



Not convinced? Then let me give you…


10 Reasons Why You Should Download The AfterParty App!

1. Your other social media accounts are already cluttered (and probably, toxic?)



That’s right, we feel you. In the end of the day, you just want to know where to hang out and have a couple of drinks but it’s so hard to keep track of events from your cluttered Facebook or Twitter feed.


AfterParty aims to give you the most efficient way to get to know the latest and hottest events around the Metro!


2. You love the local music scene!



You may be a fan of the band scene? Indie scene? Party scene?



Home gurl, we gotchu! In fact, we love it as much as you do so we grind towards building a community of music-lovers, event-goers, and artists that share the love for music and events.

AfterParty is exactly the app where you are able to meet and connect with people that share the same interests – events!



3. We have an awesome blog attached to the App 






Of course, you can also do some light reading with the AfterParty App. Get to know more about the artists – their passion for their craft through AfterParty’s official blogsite (U Do U).




Not only that, we cover all kinds of events and create an “AfterParty Movie” showing the behind the scenes of events, exclusive interviews, and your favorite artists.



4. AfterParty is the official app of Hydro Manila



If you’re an avid party goer, it is most likely that you’ve been to one of Hydro Manila’s awesome events, and we are glad to have Hydro Manila Laboracay 2017 as our first partner event!

hydro laboracay

Just look at that line up! Download now to connect and meet with other event goers both inside and outside the Metro.



5.  Get amazing prizes and rewards for using the AfterParty App


You’ll be able to see and join exclusive raffles and contests from our partners. The first of the many events in store for you is Hydro Manila Laboracay 2017!


Watch out for contest and giveaways from our artists and partners!



6. Play the Chuzi game to meet & connect with fellow AfterPartyers


Once an event is joined, you’ll be able to connect with other people with AfterParty’s Admire feature – you can admire people by dragging a person’s photo towards the letter “C” icon.


Just spin the wheel to view more profiles!


If somebody “admires” you, you will instantly get a notification in which you should guess the one who admired you from three profiles that will pop up. Same drill! Drag the photo towards the letter “C”.


Have you made a match? There will be a match notification and you can then start chatting.



7.  What happens if you don’t make a match?


If you didn’t get the match, no worries! AfterParty is a “no-rejection” app – you may still admire the person until you make a match.


So admire away, everyone!


8. Did we mention we’ve got exclusives from Victor Pring, Ron Poe, and a lot more artists?


We did? Well, expect a lot more from our ambassadors and featured artists as we discover more about the local music and arts scene.


We’ve also got their latest gigs! Expect that in our AfterParty app.


9. We’ve got a lot more features in store for our upcoming updates


We want the best events app for you so keep posted about our updates and events.


10. You might meet the ONE!



We’ll never know until you try! Do it.


So there you go! We’re also giving you the chance to go the Hydro LaBoracay with your favorites – DJ X Factor, Victor Pring, Joyce Pring, and DJ Ron Poe. Download the app and tune in for our exclusive giveaways from Jose Cuervo, and Heartless PH!






Download the app here: (Android or iOS)

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