Banna Harbera is Releasing Their First Music Video!

Sorrys and Goodbyes poster

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Banna Harbera is a name you’ve been hearing since 2014. It is a sound you’ve heard win the 11:11 Music Festival Battle of the Bands, Wanderband 2017 Top 5 spot, and the countless gigs they’ve performed at different bars all over the Metro. It has been 3 years and 2 EPs since their formation, and now the independent soul-funk band is finally launching their very first music video with Sorrys & Goodbyes on April 29!


Banna Harbera

Photo taken by Justin Villanueva


”We worked hard on it, and we’re thankful for Miggy Pablo and his team for making it possible.” – Jake Masigan (Banna Harbera guitarist)


Known for their laid-back funky tunes and dancey performances, “Sorrys & Goodbyes” is the distinct slow song that listeners easily recognize to bring a healthy amount of “huGOAT” — yes, all 4 minutes and 44 seconds of it! — so naturally, we’re already on the edge of our seats just thinking about how the music video will turn out. (“We hope people like and relate to it.”)

Click here to listen to the Persistence EP!

Persistence EP


The band credits Spaceman Pictures for producing the much-awaited video, with Miggy Pablo on direction and Patrick Balleros as the director of photography, and thanks Yellow Room Music Philippines and Luna Prod PH for helping make it possible.


As for the launch, the band has pulled together their friends from the music scene to help bring into the world their first ever MV at saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events in Makati! (Check out the official poster below for the complete lineup.)


Banna Harbera MV

Facebook event page:


I know we all can’t wait for April 29 to come faster, but let’s not frown! Banna Harbera isn’t letting us down with both their EP’s  (Persistence and Something New) available on Spotify, iTunes and Tidal to listen to while we wait!


Banna Harbera band


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