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Bliss, Jerrold Tarog’s latest film, which was given an X rating by the MTRCB because they deemed it unfit for public exhibition. The MTRCB cited scenes of prolonged full frontal nudity, violence, and masturbation as the reasons for the X rating. The people behind Bliss kept mum on the issue as they were in the process of re-appealing the film’s rating.

Iza Calzado, star of Bliss, had choice words when asked about the film’s X rating in a recent press conference. Calzado joked that,

Porn star ba ako? Alam ko sabi Best Performer, hindi naman in that sense”.

Even comparing the harsh judgement of the film to Fifty Shades of Grey, which got an R-18 rating when it was shown in this country.

As of today, April 5, 2017, the film’s rating has since been successfully changed from X to R-18. Jerrold Tarog has yet to release an official statement but expressed his bliss on his Twitter account.

In the meantime, in hopes of satisfying everyone’s craving for the film, TBA Productions decided to give everyone a little #TasteOfBliss by holding a free one time screening at the UP Cine Adarna last Monday, April 3. People came to line up as early as 3:30 PM, and full capacity (600 seats) by 4:45 PM, another testament that people are wisening up and are demanding more of our local film industry.


The amount of people that showed up for the screening also says a lot about how our audience is maturing. Maturing not only in age, but also in taste. While there is definitely nothing wrong with cheap thrills and jump scares (they are, in some cases, fun), audiences are starting to become more critical with what they consume experience.

Make sure you see Bliss when it hits cinemas nationwide on May 10!

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