Thank You Russ Davis: Russ’s Final Fresh Filter

Russ Davis speaking

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Before we talk about the man himself, let’s take a step back.


It’s November 7, 2010 a minute before midnight, a little station called NU107.5 disappears from the airwaves taking with it a show called “In The Raw”. In the Raw was hosted by Francis Brew and was THE place where indie bands back then could showcase their music. A void was left, a void that would take 4 years to be filled.


Fresh Filter first aired on Jam 88.3 in 2014 with Russ Davis (an NU alumnus) as the host. Fresh Filter kicked off with a live performance from Kate Torralba, who played songs from her album “Long Overdue”. It could not have written any better, a show like Fresh Filter has indeed been long overdue.

Fresh Filter was not just another “In The Raw”



Throughout his 3 year run of the show, Russ Davis held the fort down from Monday to Thursday, 5 PM to 6 PM playing songs from the artists of the local independent music scene. Russ Davis also curated Fresh Filter Volume 1 which had artists like Autotelic, A Problem Like Maria, Library Kids, Ourselves the Elves, The Ransom Collective, Flying Ipis, Bullet Dumas, Cheats, Tandems ‘91, Moonwlk, BP Valenzuela, and Yolanda Moon all together on one vinyl record, the first of its kind.

On-air, for the last time

In true Russ fashion, there was no drama for the most part just music, his favorites from Fresh Filter through the years. Russ ends his last show with Join the Club’s “Nahihibang” which perfectly describes a world with Fresh Filter without Russ Davis. Today ends Russ’ run on Fresh Filter. Today marks the end of an era. Be sure to show Russ some love by going to Mow’s tonight for Fresh Filter Live! #ThankYouRussDavis.

Russ isn’t the only one saying good bye this week, be sure to check out Selena’s last gig with Ang Bandang Shirley this Saturday. It’s a sad week for local music.

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