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Women wear fashionable hijab by Nike

FASHION: Nike’s ‘Pro Hijab’ Sportswear for Muslim Women releases in 2018

March 13, 2017 AFTERPARTY TEAM

Following their ad on Muslim women in sports, Nike came out with an announcement for their Pro Hijab just two days before International Women’s Day. This fashionable product, that will be coming out on Spring 2018, will help Muslim women engage in sports more easily. The Pro Hijab will be a single-layer pull-on head cover, that will be lightweight but sturdy. The small holes in the polyester cloth will make the hijab breathable, while keeping it opaque. It will cost $35, and will come in three colors: black, gray, and obsidian.



The ad, which is narrated by Saudi actress Fatima Al-Banawi, shows five Muslim athletes doing what they do best. Watching the ad is so exhilarating because you see these women totally in their element.  Zahra Lari, the first figure skater to compete in a hijab, is one of the few women who are already using Nike’s Pro Hijab.


Manal Rostom, a triathlete who is also involved in the development of the Pro Hijab, had this to say: “For young girls to see these women and to see this revolutionary shift will change the face of sport for Muslim Arab girls, whether they wear hijab or not.”



She goes on to say that: “For us, we come up with ideas, and ways to be comfortable in what we wear, but to have the No. 1 sport and fitness brand in the world facilitate this process for us? To provide something we can grab and wear in 10 seconds? It’s going to change everything.”


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