Twitter Feud between Passion Pit, GoodVybes Fest

Passion Pit performance

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What should have been a charming trip down memory road quickly turned into an all-out twitter feud between Passion Pit and GoodVybes MNL. On February 20, 2017, Manila Concert Scene tweeted out:


This tweet has currently been deleted, good thing we got receipts. Anyway…

Passion Pit dropped a bomb and said that they still haven’t been paid after an entire year. Despite this, they loved the Manila crowd. Fans of the band were quick to offer words of love and sympathy to Michael Angelakos, the frontman of the group; and words of outrage to the people behind GoodVybes Fest. Michael attempted to assuage his fans that he would be willing to come back to the country someday.

Carried Away

GoodVybes quickly responded that they had paid Passion Pit their airfare and talent fee. They released this official statement:

This is the statement is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Michael. He was planning to be civil and professional about this debacle, but he felt like he was being attacked. GoodVybes was framing him to be a liar. An investor of GoodVybes Fest also came out saying that he and his fellow investors haven’t been paid the  Php 11M that they were promised. He heard that CHVRCHES wasn’t compensated either.

Little Secrets

When a fan tweeted about how the music industry is “f*cked”, Passion Pit replied with “oh, if only you knew –“. He proceeded to provide his fans with a rare glimpse of what goes behind the scenes in the industry.


The next day, Michael uploaded a video to twitter of a fire that erupted on the stage the night before their 2016 show. It ruined some of their equipment. Aaron Harrison Folb, the band’s bass and synth player, had sparks coming out of his amp and hitting his face. It says a lot about Passion Pit’s integrity that they  didn’t cancel even with these glaring mistakes, and played one heck of a show.

The two parties’ stories aren’t consistent at all. We may never know the full story, since it’s highly unlikely that they would release all the paperwork involved. That, and GoodVybes stated that they would keep quiet until their lawyers sort this out. Michael then retorted that GoodVybes could afford to pay for lawyers, but couldn’t afford to pay him. Nothing personal but, I think it’s a pretty damning sign that you royally screwed up when the artist himself is calling you out on something you should have done a year ago.

The Reeling

In GoodVybes’ defense, their festival was a very big show, and it’s very difficult to properly manage an event like that. In the eyes of the viewers, it was an amazing show. Bringing together that many talented international and local artists is no easy feat. It’s possible that the people at GoodVybes might have bitten off more than they could chew. However, that doesn’t excuse not paying your talent, or your investors. They should have taken a less aggressive tone in dealing with the artists, and have been more receptive to the criticisms that both Passion Pit and their fans had to offer.

Better Things

If anything positive were to come out of this madness, let it be in the form of a precautionary tale. Event organizers, it’s never a good idea to antagonize your talent. They are our guests, and should be treated as such. There will always be bumps in the road during events, but at the very least own up to your mistakes and make an effort to do better. The Manila crowd deserves incredible shows, and world-class artists would love the one of a kind energy that Filipinos have to offer.

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