The Man Behind an Epic Party – The Hypeman

Victor Pring hyping up the crowd

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You can’t just call someone a photographer just because they art outlets own a camera. The same way, you can’t call someone a Hypeman just because they can talk on a mic. A Hypeman or an MC often accompanies a DJ to bring a night filled with good times and good music. The MC being the Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller has the sole responsibility to entertain the audience and keep the party going. They are basically the life of the party. Seems pretty basic, huh? But let me tell you otherwise.

As the rise of Hiphop culture began in the 70’s, emceeing has become an important element in the hiphop scene. Moreover as DJs discover different techniques to playing records non-stop, microphone commanders were put into place to move the crowd, talk in time to the beat of the music, and even mediate battles. They even incorporated busting rhymes, now, as we call it – rapping.

The difference between a rapper and an MC?

Not to establish a dichotomy between the two, nonetheless, being a rapper or an MC should be an art form that needs to be taken seriously. The art of emceeing requires much more skill and talent such as having to perform while still keeping the audience involved. Not to mention having to improvise because, heck, ain’t nobody got time for scripts. Also, a good MC should always have stage presence. They are also definitely more aware of their look and style.

DJ-MC duos

Numerous DJ- MC Duos formed as hiphop became more prominent in pop culture. But what is a DJs set without an MC? DJs are the music producers but how else would you tell a crowd of ravers when to put their hands up? Case in point, imagine standing in a pool of crowd as amazing music plays but nobody to start the hype. You sing along to the hits but would it be an epic night that you would remember in the end? A set filled with good music is definitely not enough to stir the crowd without them mic commanders.

Music festival and top clubs in Metro Manila have definite love for DJ- MC Duos! We’ve recently talked with DJ Marc Marasigan and MC Ronthug just before hitting the stage for the UP Maskipaps 2016. Having prepared an amazing set for the festival as usual, the two have shared that they tend to freestyle when they finally come up on stage and their sets becomes a totally different thing from what they have prepared. The two have been working together for a long time and they couldn’t be happier to play for everyone. Moreover, DJ Marc Marasigan is set to release his original music this 2017, of course, with collaborations with MC Ronthug. Watch out for that!

I think we’ve established well enough that your nightlife experience would not be complete without the life of the party. So the next time you go to a music event try to appreciate all the elements that makes a great musical experience.

Tell us about your favorite DJ-MC duo and we might do a feature about them!

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