What You Need to Know About UDD’s 14 Successful Years in Music

Up Dharma Down singing on stage

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This band needs no further introduction having been in the industry for 13 – going 14 years now. Front woman, Armi Millare tells us that they are just getting started.



Although, having been in the music industry for quite a while; still, some people just couldn’t get the name right. Lucky for them, the band has made their life easier. Widely known as UP DHARMA DOWN, the band definitely started the year with a bang as they have officially re-branded to their shorter name– UDD. No surprises there, really.

UDD launches their new logo together with a new single early in 2017!

UDD launches their new logo together with a new single early in 2017!

So are we finally going to expect the much-awaited self-entitled album this year?

Carlos Tañada, guitarist of UDD, confirms their plan to release the album early this year! But hold your horses

Armi laughs as she clarifies, “We said that last year, din!”

Nonetheless, the band is very hopeful and is working towards this goal. Did I need to mention, they have just dropped a NEW SINGLE right as we drop the ball on a new year and is all the assurance that we need.

I’m sure a lot of you have already heard this track but if not, y’all better get on our bandwagon and listen to “Siguradoby UDD over here:


UDD has always been known for not putting their music in a box of genres

That was some funky- “bass-licious”-Prince-vibes track right there! Well, Carlos says to expect more of that funk sound for UDD’s next album as the band channels more of their musical influences such as Prince, Junior, and D’Sound.


UDD has always been known for not putting their music in a box of genres, but rather incorporating the music each of them would like to play. Armi explains, “It used to be just one person bringing in the songs – a demo with guitars and vocals”. But over the years, they have realized that each of them could bring in something that the other person can’t.

They have realized that each of them could bring in something that the other person can’t…

Ean Mayor, drummer, brings in the electronic vibes through his elaborate beats. Listen to the first 10 seconds of “Sigurado” again and see what I mean. Ean seems to be the quiet type, but he answers immediately with such certainty as we ask the band’s secret to their 14-year-long (and counting) career in music. He says simply, “we keep on making music”.

“Yeah… and we take our songs seriously”, adds Armi.

UDD has always been in the music side of the “Music Industry” (rather than the business side, I guess). Having been an indie band since day one, they are just one of those artists who has always been honest with the kind of music that they want to play. The band has always taken their time in producing songs, albums, and even their music videos.

Rome wasn’t built in a day indeed.

Speaking of music videos. Can we talk about one of my favourite UDD song – “Indak”?


Indak MV

Screenshot from Indak’s Music Video; where Armi Millare showcases her newly acquired dancing skills only for this music video


“After half of forever,” writes Armi in her personal website. UDD released the music video for “Indak” in 2015 (the single was released in 2012, just FYI) which was spearheaded by Armi herself. And get this – we get to see her dance.

I first heard the song “Indak” in the credits of the independent film “Sana Dati” (2013) by Jerrold Tarog. It was hauntingly beautiful, that film; and using “Indak” as its end-credits song just hits the spot. I have loved Armi’s song writing more ever since.

Here are other films that used UDD’s songs or Armi’s original score – “That Thing Called Tadhana” by Antoinette Jadaone, “Honor Thy Father” by Erik Matti, “Apocalypse Child” by Mario Cornejo, and hopefully, many more to look out for!

That’s right, they have just been getting started. Makes you wonder what else the band can pull out of their sleeves.

UDD’s music is better heard live. So make sure to catch UDD at their upcoming events!  https://www.facebook.com/UDDph/

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