MC Ronthug, Zelijah, and Sud Collaborate for an Amazing Remix of “Sila”

Sila SUD x Ronthug x Zelijjah

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Walang sagot sa tanong…

Well, you know how the song goes! SUD’s song “Sila” have unquestionably become the band’s bread and butter as it has been featured in mainstream media such as Pinoy Big Brother, among others. But if you’ve been a fan of SUD since their first single, “Smilky” (yes, myself included) or even before, you are probably one of those people who sung with the band during their gigs as they sing “Sila” as if it’s the anthem to your love life. We all pretty much expected the song to become a hit because of how beautifully it has been written. Not to mention that sexy sax, and quite a bit more elements we haven’t been hearing in the mainstream OPM being dominated by rockstars, if not, balladeers.

“Sila” being a straight up alternative-soul music have just gotten a little bit better, not that it needed fixing, as young local DJ – Zelijah have made an amazing remix of the song! It definitely opened an entirely new audience for SUD as EDM lovers’ new discovery. Even one of the most renowned DJs in the country, DJ Marc Marasigan, have played the said mix during his set at the UP Maskipaps 2016 and the crowd instantly loved it. The mix have gotten a lot of praises because of it.

We used the mix in our LOVESTREAM movie! Check it out here.

Ronthug, also an MC for DJ Marc, had to join the fun as he releases his “Sila RMX” in February.

The version features Zelijah’s remix with Ronthug’s very own words being a true new-generation MC and multi-talented hip hop artist. We really think Ronthug’s lyrics have just given the song an entirely different meaning, don’t you think?

For us, that’s the beauty of collaborations. We cannot wait ‘til this collaboration spark some more, hopefully, from other different artists in the music scene.

Wait a minute!

We’ll get that hype going then as AfterParty is set to open a contest for bands and DJs who wants to collaborate.

Coming soon only on AfterParty!


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