Listen: Jensen Gomez, Reese Lansangan’s New Song

Jensen Gomez and Reese Lansangan collaborate on Maybe

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Upon waking up from a normal day that is Valentine’s Day, I obviously check twitter first and got a glimpse of the usual flowers, chocolates, and sweets but a song release from two of my favorite local acts have gotten me excited for Valentine’s day!

Jensen Gomez and Reese Lansangan have just released a song called “Maybe” and you can listen to their single for free over at Spotify! 

Being your frequent gig-goer, I live for new set lists and artists collaborations. The local indie scene is a feast filled with very dynamic and very different types of sound and artist. 

Jensen Gomez, for instance, used to be a signed artist for a major record label. But he eventually left the label, wrote a song, and says being in a label sucked. Also, he had to pursue an idea for an R&B-Pop-Soul-Motown sounding band. And so the now frontman of (my favorite) indie band – Jensen and The Flips, have been playing for various music festival and shows with the kind of music he is made to do. 

Not to mention, their pop beats and naughty lyrics get us dancing every time! 

Reese Lansangan, on the other hand, plays indie pop/ folk music with such creative lyricism about space, grammar, and anything pop culture. For having such vibrant feel in not only her music but also in her fashion and style makes Reese such an eye candy. But that ethereal vocals would be the greater thing that would keep you drawn to her singing. 

Although having two different styles, the two seems to have this song collaboration written in the stars. Fans, including myself, have been anticipating this collaboration since they embarked on a duet of Damien Rice’s “9 Crimes” in a Red Ninja Productions gig in 2016. 



Early on, Jensen wrote a song called “Crazy” for the Flips’ debut album, “Honeymoon”, where he took inspiration from Reese’s song “Creeper”. 

Finally! The two are bringing us the feels for Valentines – sadness, that is. Just listen to its lyrics.

“You may be gone tomorrow, but we’ve got tonight. We only got tonight”

“Walk away and say your parting words”

Ever wonder why a #JenReese song is such a big deal for us fans? Or the better question is whether we see this collaboration going more places… You know, live shows? Or a song for the Flips’ upcoming album?


Let’s find out together, it’s Valentines anyway!

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