Beyoncé Snubbed for “Record Of The Year” Yet Again

Grammys Collage for 2017

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“Lemonade is my Album of the Year” says Adele, who have just bagged 5 Grammy Awards this year.

Early on to pre-announcement of the Grammy nominations for 2016, a face-off between Adele and Beyonce have been well- predicted having much critical respect for both the ladies’ singles and albums. Adele have earned such great response from music fans having released her album, “25” (pertaining toher age), late in 2015 and, in my opinion, went on to be the go-to album for the brokenhearted. I mean, hello? Well you know how the song goes.

On the other hand, the hype was real as Beyonce releases “Lemonade” in April of 2016 eventually generating cheating controversies towards the most popular couple in, uhm, the universe, possibly. But still, we love it and we can’t move on from it.



Beyonce’s year?

Apparently, Adele feels the same way as she tells in an interview at the Grammy’s backstage that she really thought this year would be Beyonce’s year. Beyonce, being the artist with the most Grammy nominations this year, went head-to- head with Adele in major categories such as Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. And yes, all awards ended up being snagged by Adele.

Although Beyonce does not walk out empty handed as she receive the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album and, let’s face it, her Grammy’s performance this year already makes her a winner… in life. Queen Bey’s Grammy Performance does not involve her usual complex choreography with non-stop dancing and singing that leaves even her audience out of breath. But it is definitely yet another iconic visual performance as Beyonce embodies motherhood as if being goddess-like.



The Winner of this Grammy Face-off is….

This face-off needs no debate whatsoever as Adele offers her Album of the Year award to the Queen Bey herself during her acceptance speech and calls Bey, “the artist of my life”. I’m sure you’ve seen this most heartfelt speech. Adele cried. Beyonce cried. We all cried. What a great year for music, indeed!

Side note, are we going to expect another album with her age as the title having won Album of the Year? Adele says, coincidentally in a show also hosted by James Corden, that she believes in trilogies and “25” is the last one of the pack. But we will surely expect more great things from Adele!


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