You Do You, We Do We

Jach poses for UDOU PH

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“YOU DO YOU” (Urban Dictionary)

– The act of doing things that you normally do. Nothing more, nothing less.  

“You Do You” is a phrase that we started using in AfterParty as we grind towards creating original and out-of-the-box ideas and content for the rest of the world to see. We do what we do to change the game in how the Filipino local scene is perceived in both the local and global arena; that we have a vibrant local music scene and, top it all off, we have world-class artists worthy of a global audience.

This is what we hope to achieve in our events, our app, our videos, and now, our blog – U DO U.

U DO U will be your next favorite spot that features anything you need to know about Philippine’s urban scene – music events, artists, and fashion.

We have featured these artists who surely knows what we’re talking about!

Jach Manere

Top Model

Jach’s passion for modelling started out as an accident but ended up as something that she instantly loved. It wasn’t easy for her to convince her parents to get into modelling, but she continues to do what she loves and keeps on excelling at that. She is part of one of the most prestigious modelling companies here in the Philippines – PMAP.

Now, being only 20 years old, Jach is on top of her game being as one of the up-and-coming models the industry should watch out for.  

Jach’s modelling career has been gearing towards her advocacy – for the women of color to be recognized more in the international scene. A dream that could finally be sparked to a reality as Jach has been recently offered a modelling job at the Arts Capital of the World – New York City.



Jarrett Cross Pinto

Music Prodigy

Jarret has always been interested in music hailing from a “music family”. His siblings tagged him as the “One true artist” from the family because of his ability to learn new art forms in a short span of time. Being such a music prodigy in such a young age, he developed his love for dancing learning it from the streets.
During his High School days, he tried out for his school’s dance team only ended up being laughed at because he was not good enough to join the competition team. He ended up quitting regular schooling to be able to dance freely and pursue his dancing career.

He is now part of the award-winning dance crew, UPeepz, and has been given the opportunity to compete internationally.

Jarrett continues to develop his passion for the arts as he takes up a music production course in college.

Despite the differences in Jach and Jarett’s choices in art forms, they share the same drive and spirit. They both persisted to hone their craft, even through setbacks. They’re only two of the many up-and-coming artists that exude “You Do You”.

You Do You is more than just a statement; it’s a way of life. It’s living authentically and creatively. It’s sharing yourself and your art to others, and inspiring them to do the same.

Styling: Florian Trinidad

Photo & Video:16 Degrees Studios & Chloei Capili

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